About us

Meili l Pfortmüller is a firm of lawyers specializing in media, communication, entertainment and the arts; within this sector, we cover all areas of law. We are on hand to deal with start-ups, contracts, joint ventures, M&A, IPOs, new product development and events, including structuring and financing.

Our offices are situated in central Zurich, Switzerland’s premier location in terms of media and the economy. The founding partners are Dr. Andreas Meili and Dr. Herbert Pfortmüller. Since 2024, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Christiane Lentjes Meili as another partner and consultant to our firm.

We offer services to national and international clients in questions of law, management and communications. Furthermore, we are able to offer legal representation in Switzerland in all conceivable civil, penal and administrative processes.

As a firm that is run by the people who own it, we offer not only comprehensive professional services but a high degree of personal commitment to the success of our clients.

» Dr. Andreas Meili
» Dr. Herbert Pfortmüller
» Dr. Christiane Lentjes Meili